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BAM Festival 2022 will be April 9, 2022 in downtown West Palm Beach, FL at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach. 

A limited series of Panels from BAM 2022 will be livestreamed on the official BAM YouTube channel. Subscribe today to see these select panels. 

Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach

BAM Festival 2022 will be held in select areas of the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach, the 400 Block of Clematis, and City Hall on April 9, 2022, from 10AM to 4PM.

Event parking for attendeees is located at the City Center Garage at 400 Banyan Blvd.

Overflow Parking Can be found at the Clematis Garage on 500 Banyan Blvd
(See Map)


Mandel Library Floor Plans


Select panels from BAM Festival 2022 will be livestreamed throughout the day to our YouTube ChannelSubscribe today to catch every panel on April 9, 2022. 


On the day of the event, go to BAM Festival's YouTube, select the livestream video to watch, and enjoy! Any questions day-of the even, should be sent via Direct Message on our Facebook or Instagram.


11:00 am

Akshaya Raman, Neal Shusterman, Jess Redman

Come see how unreal worlds in fantasy & sci-­fi allow authors to explore real-­world issues differently from contemporary fiction. How does the real world inspire the fiction in novels? Where did these authors find their fantastical elements?

Fact or Fiction
ART (1).png
Mental Health Matters

12:00 pm

Jess Redman, Adib Khorram, Neal Shusterman, Stacie Ramey, Eric Smith

We are amidst a global pandemic. We are also amidst a national mental health crisis. You're not alone If you've been struggling with your mental health, even before COVID. Let these authors and characters shed some light on your state of mind.

#OwnVoices: Our Identities and How They Inform Us

1:00 pm

Kwame Mbalia, Christina Diaz Gonzalez, Kerry O'Malley Cerra, Sherri Winston

Now more than ever, it’s important that stories be told in genuine, positive, and experienced ways. Why is it important that these stories are told by these authors? From different experiences, to diverse cultures, these authors know how to tell their characters’ stories because they’ve experienced them firsthand.

ART (1).png
The Cost of Book Banning

2:00 pm

Stacie Ramey, Eric Smith, Rob Sanders, Ashley Woodfolk, Kim Johnson

We’ve seen it in headlines: beloved books being banned for their content. These authors will weigh in for what that means for writers, readers, and society as a whole.

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